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Welcome to The Rigging Co.,Ltd.

What We Do

Machinery Moving

Moving and handling of sensitive machineries and equipment with the use of special rigging tools and methods to ensure the level of performance and safety using the most advanced techniques and technology in the rigging and logistics industry.

Packaging and Crating

Fabrication and assembly of crating materials, packaging of machineries including vacuum packaging, shock watch/tilt watch, pallet cushion, etc.

Project Cargo Logistics

Due to greater and extended amount of project demand for a logistics requirement, our company also extended its support project services to moving cargoes by LCT/Barging, forwarding, etc.

Airlifting Services

In conditions where sites is not accessible by land transport or works to be done within the waters or sea, nor the cargo can not be transported due to its size and weight of which road bridges are not suitable for transporting such goods and has bearing limitations, an aerial lifting services would find solutions to his hindering concerns over the bringing of certain commodity from point A to B.

Heavy Lifting Services

In any projects be it in commercial , industrial, construction and plant maintenance projects, huge and heavy components need to be lifted. Maximizing Uptime, Expertise and Equipment, and Winning Time In a Safe Manner are factors for Heavy Lift.

Heavy Transport Services

In every project a heavy hauling of commodity are given . Special handling in transport are required, with its condition our company may help and assist our customers by providing various types of trucks, trailers and multi axles.