As part of a comprehensive heavy lifting, The Rigging Co., Ltd. is also offering and handling an Aerial lifting services. In conditions where sites is not accessible by land transport or works are to be done within the waters or sea, nor the cargo can not be transported due to its size and weight of which road and bridges are not suitable for transporting such goods and has bearing limitations, an aerial lifting services would find solution to this hindering concerns over the bringing of certain commodity from point A to B.
One of the major Aerial lifting job done by TRCL is the “ SUMAG RIVER DIVERSION PROJECT “ A river
diversion to La Mesa Dam and other dams as catchment basin. The aerial lifting works project requires the air transport by lifting frames and cables of heavy equipment for construction, construction materials, fuel, food supplies and other miscellaneous to the project. The sites involved where the pick-up point from Bininit and La Farge sites and airlifting transport to Sumag site as the delivery drop-off point. An average of 20 lifts where done in a day on 6.5 ton maximum payload per lift and were completed in (18) days air lifting operation.The use of a chopper or “ Air Crane “ may be of various usage and purposes depending on the site and cargo conditions. This aerial lifting works can be applied to projects such as:

  • Air conditioning unit , Chiller and other on-top structure installation and removal
  • Concrete pouring
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Construction materials
  • Water tank positioning
  • Transfer of metal and rock onto walking tracks
  • Transmission /Tower construction, placement and demolition
  • Seismic and drill rig positioning and construction
  • Lifting of air conditioning units and materials onto buildings
  • Housing frames and materials on site