Some times a crane is simply not the best option for heavy lifting, spotting and positioning of machines, it is not always possible or appropriate to use a conventional or regular type of crane. There are sites and places that offers nothing but restrictions in terms of space, vertical & horizontal clearances, job site congestion and other conditions, situations and factors that limits the use of a crane.
The Rigging Co., Ltd. offers some assistance by possibly designing an innovative solutions to difficult lifting challenges which may have a greater reduction in unsafe lifting method, cost reduction and effective work time line. Our company would introduce an alternative lifting solutions. Such solution will be backed-up by some alternative methods such as the use of a skidding and jacking system or the newly innovative way by the use of a hydra slide skidding method. The process would allow the lifting of machineries and moving it under its bottom portion, therefore, lifting by the use of a crane which will require greater space specifically on verticals and wider working radius spaces can be illuminated. It of utmost importance to move any commodity in heavier weight, huge in size in a limited space by applying this method. Lastly a much safer way of moving machine in a very limited space is one of the objective in this kind of system.

The following methods and systems can be carried out by a single or a combined equipment such as:

  •  Skidding and Jacking method
  • Slide Systems such as Hydra-Slide
  • Tele-Handlers
  • Tri-Lifters
  • Multi-Axle Trailers with hydraulically lift-up/lift-down capabilities
  • Steel Choke & Steel Plate staging
  • And other re-designed and re-engineered methods depending on site and cargo conditions