Maximizing uptime
Inany projects be it in commercial, industrial, construction and plant maintenance projects, huge and heavy components need to be lifted. Such lifts must take place safely –safeguarding and welfare of the people involved and the private and general public must always be a must! theground, load itself, vertical and horizontal clearances and the adjacent structures must always be considered. Also, the people involved in the works, they should be organized to achieve optimal overall project safety and efficiency, in order to maximize uptime of any project time line work completion.

Expertise and equipment
In its standing history, The Rigging Co., Ltd (TRCL) has carried out every lifting project made possible by special equipment, technology, trained and well experienced personnel, methods and engineering – from straightforward simple single lifts to difficult complex innovative projects requiring newly designed equipment. TRCL has continuously investing and most modern possible fleet of lifting equipment, ranging from a Multi-Types of Lifting and Transport equipment.

when rigged to maximum capacity. TRCL is bolstering its capability by investing equipment to be utilized to push up objects that vary widely in dimensions and weight – from several tons to vague or awkward spaces and conditions. For optimal reliability and safety, the entire TRCL fleet is subject to strict maintenance schedules and third party certifications.

Winning time in a safe manner
But all this power means nothing without creative engineering, a careful plan and the right expertise to safely execute each plan. We understand how to prepare and carry out lifting jobs in such a way that it helps our customers get their projects done on time. TRCL attends to each of the critical factors of heavy lifting in the greatest possible detail: engineered rigging studies are performed to ensure maximum safety and efficiency; objects are weighed and their centers of gravity are determined; careful plans are drafted to ensure that lifting operations fit the overall project plan and contribute to optimization of project timings; and finally, TRCL lifting professionals realize execution of the plan according to the highest safety standards. In many cases, TRCL approach shortens project times significantly, helping customers to get their plants up and running as early as possible or reducing their downtimes.