It is imperative that in every project a heavy hauling of commodity or cargoes are given. With such, cargoes may be huge or odd sized, heavy weight or has an irregular shape. Some may be highly sensitive and requires a special handling in transport .Proper selection of the kind of transport equipment must always be considered.The selection must always be weighted or based on two major conditions; 1) the cargo itself and 2) the road and bridges conditions. Cargo based on its measurement, weight and sensitivity while roads and bridges will always be on the width, surface condition, bearing capacity, curvatures and inclination or degrees.
and vertical & horizontal clearances as the case maybe.

With the above conditions, our company may help and assist our customers by providing various types of truck-trailers such as
multi-axle trailers, multi-axle trailers with low drop-deck bed, air ride trucks, hi-bed trailers, open bed 10 wheeler truck, boom trucks or pick & carry and self loading trucks. (Please refer to our equipment section)